Strategic Communications

We believe organizations thrive when individuals: 1) take a well-reasoned perspective on an issue and clearly communicate it to their collaborators; 2) listen carefully for the perspective offered back by others so, in the end, the best decisions are made.

This foundational workshop focuses on the first step of that process, offering tools that help participants crystalize their thinking on a topic and communicate it for maximum impact.

In a hands-on workshop experience, participants learn and practice a set of skills that will allow them to craft presentations, reports, and other communications that feature well-reasoned, fact-based recommendations, and which clearly frame the decisions needed to move business forward.


  • Learn to synthesize powerful insights from complex data and other kinds of information
  • Discover how top-down (i.e., “pyramid”) story telling makes your ideas and reasoning immediately clear and testable
  • Master techniques for structuring insight-driven documents that accelerate decision making
  • Create data-driven charts and exhibits that deliver an immediate visual takeaway and support a message
  • Consider audience needs to ensure the right information drives the best possible decisions


  • In person: 1-day workshop
  • Virtual delivery: three sessions delivered over 3 successive weeks (modules 1 & 2 are 2 hours; module 3 is 3 hours)
  • Faculty / participant ratio of 1:12
  • May be paired with follow-up individual or small group coaching for greater impact