Leadership Master Class Series

Series description

Next-level leaders leverage personal mastery and technical skill to evolve their own operating models, engage and inspire teams, and successfully navigate complex problems and systems. Kenning Associates’ Inside-Out Leadership Master Class Series gives your team access to the tools and learning paths Kenning has used for the past 15 years to build next-level leaders in the world’s leading corporations and professional services firm.

Videoconference Roundtables give Master Class participants access to experts in crucial Inside-Out Leadership disciplines and create an integrative bridge between workshops. Typically lasting 2 hours, each Roundtable begins with the introduction of a skill or concept by a featured presenter or expert panel, followed by interactive exercises and participant-directed discussion, focusing on application tips and combining the different Inside-Out tools and mindsets into a powerful, authentic, and deeply individual leadership platform.

One-on-one coaching with a Kenning Associates expert gives Master Class participants unique insights into their current leadership operating model, both the strengths that have been responsible for their success and the challenges they face as they grow into new roles and develop new skills. This process is anchored by two extraordinary assessments, The Subject-Object Interview developed by Harvard developmental psychologist Robert Kegan to surface crucial assumptions and level of self-authoring mindset, and the Kenning Associates Narrative 360, an interview-based assessment of how the participant is perceived by direct reports, peers, and leaders. Coaching check-ins through the Master Class series allow participants to create individual growth plans, behavioral and mindset change experiments, and a customized go-forward plan to build on and continue growth after the completion of the program.


Who should attend

  • Rising leaders looking for an accelerant as they master the essential skills of team and enterprise leadership
  • Expert individual contributors moving into people leadership roles
  • Top managers in start-up and mid-sized businesses looking for an external partner to provide world-class training and development support