Leadership for the Unknown

Kenning is proud to announce partner JC Glick’s new book A Light in the Darkness: Leadership Development for the Unknown has been released in print and Kindle versions on Amazon


“People are above anything else. This essential truth, often forgotten by organizations and leaders, is at the heart of this engaging and insightful book” 

– General Stanley McChrystal, U.S. Army, Retired

Accompanied by a foreword from General Stanley McChrystal, JC Glick’s book (with co-writer Sarah Ngu) asks a simple question: How do you train and develop people for tomorrow when you do not know what tomorrow will hold?

A Light in the Darkness… is not another “how to” strategy for adapting to uncertainty – because there is no enduring plan when nothing stays the same. JC asserts that the only path is to invest in developing each individual’s unique capacity, at their own pace, so people can figure out the right solutions by themselves.

The practices and ideas found in the book were successfully tested in the life-or-death laboratory of warfare. But we have found that they work just as well in the workplace, sports field and classroom – and we have already begun sharing and employing them with our clients across sectors.

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To hear JC discuss the book on a recent podcast with former Navy SEAL, leadership guru, author, and speaker, Jeff Boss, click here.