Laurie Burkland Waller has been helping leaders and organizations grow, transform, and thrive for almost 20 years. An expert in leadership coaching, communications planning, talent development, organizational effectiveness, and change management, she is driven by a passion for optimizing performance and realizing potential.

Laurie believes that leadership, like competitive figure skating, requires both technical merit and artistic impression; leaders must display excellence in what they do and superiority in how they do it. In other words, great leaders not only exhibit strong industry and functional content expertise, but also showcase the professional effectiveness to implement their visions successfully. Like skating champions, they deliver proficient content along with the fine-tuned artistry that inspires stakeholders. Strong leaders know that it is with and through others that work gets done, and demonstrate the agility to succeed in a variety of settings with a diversity of stakeholders. As a coach and advisor, Laurie works with her clients to promote growth on both fronts, technical proficiency and interpersonal mastery, focusing particular attention on developing leadership versatility and authenticity.

She began her career at Andersen Consulting as an organizational change management specialist and project manager implementing large-scale and complex programs to improve business and human performance. As her career progressed with other consultancies, she continued serving clients externally, and also earned leadership opportunities internally to manage teams and lead organizational and talent development initiatives. As a member of the Kenning Associates team, Laurie partners with senior professionals and their teams to increase leadership versatility, professional effectiveness, organizational change success, and business efficiency. Laurie understands the barriers to growth as well as how to navigate through them to achieve results. In a collaboration with her clients, she assesses individual, team, and organizational opportunities, then develops and implements an efficient and targeted change plan to transition clients from functional to optimal performance levels. Experience has taught her that when organizations share a compelling vision, secure executive sponsorship, establish clear priorities, and align organizational resources, they achieve real and lasting growth.

Laurie holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BA from Bucknell University. She is a Certified Professional Coach as recognized by the International Coach Federation. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and their two children.

Thom has a unique ability to work across a range of personalities and skill sets, setting a positive tone. He is respectful of individual contributions and finds a way to support people as they try out new skills and approaches.

Senior Strategic Content Architect,
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Cathy specializes in helping organizations and leaders of all kinds communicate in ways that are clear, honest, and aligned with values and business priorities.