Balcony Conversations

What do you do when you are confused by a colleague’s thinking or behavior at work? Most of us would say that we aspire to be patient and collaborative. But research shows that under stress, we are likely to reflexively exert greater control over the situation, shutting down the possibility for mutual understanding and learning.

This workshop offers participants the opportunity to improve their capacity to integrate learning with decision making when facing interpersonal challenges.

In a highly interactive session, participants practice techniques for “making sense” with others in a collaborative way. Customized role-plays, video recording, and on-the-spot feedback help participants to recognize counterproductive reflexive behaviors and adopt beneficial mindful ones.


  • Gain personal knowledge about how reflexes show up in interpersonal interactions – a prerequisite to increased effectiveness
  • Learn and practice the skills for sharing a point of view non-judgmentally and listening purposefully to new information
  • Practice framing and leading conversations in a structured way that can result in greater collaboration
  • Adopt a mindset that views other people as sense makers to be understood rather than problems to be fixed


  • In person: 1-day workshop
  • Virtual delivery: four sessions delivered over 4 days in the same week (sessions range from 1-3 hours)
  • Faculty / participant ratio of 1:5
  • May be paired with follow-up individual or small group coaching for greater impact