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Building Great Organizations From the People Up

Kenning Associates builds the capacity of people and organizations to see, think, and act more clearly.  In pursuit of a meaningful result. To achieve a dream. To get from good to great.

We offer learning experiences that inspire insights, hone emotional intelligence, and build business acumen. And we coach leaders of all kinds as they learn, grow, and tackle new challenges.

Pod power

The secret to making leadership development and cultural transformation programs take hold could be investing in “pod” coaching.  Pods develop trust and community among a small group of leaders, positively influencing the organization’s overall learning culture.

No more death by PPT

Strategic Communications workshop is our cure for all the things that make presentations deadly.  Adaptable to a variety of formats,  it’s an intentional approach to help communicators curate the right information to answer the right question – and move the audience’s thinking forward.

Graduated coaching

Engaging with the same coach at different points in a career can result in mutual growth and co-discovery for both the emerging leader and the coach who “graduates”  with them, over time and at different stages of development.

Kenning Videos

What is your KQ?

Kenning holds a core belief: people are sense makers. Mark Ledden draws out the crucial implication – making sense with others is the leadership skill you need when the problems you face are complex.
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Managers who coach others

Managers know they should help their people develop, but few do it systematically. Neil Stroul describes the barriers to coaching as a manager and explains how our RMG Coaching workshop can help.
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