Building Great Organizations From the People Up

Kenning Associates builds the capacity of people and organizations to see, think, and act more clearly.  In pursuit of a meaningful result. To achieve a dream. To get from good to great.

We offer learning experiences that inspire insights, hone emotional intelligence, and build business acumen. And we coach leaders of all kinds as they learn, grow, and tackle new challenges.

Approach Spotlight

Because leaders inherit an organization the way it is, they can feel helpless to get a handle on what is – and isn’t– working in their culture. Kenning offers a process that includes evaluating your current culture, prescribing actions for (re)building a healthy one, and developing the new mindsets and skills needed to get there.

Coaching Matters

Coaching is an evermore critical part of the leadership development toolkit, especially in situations where just acquiring new skills will not be enough and the rising leader is going to need deeper self-awareness to get to the next level.  Click to learn more about why coaching is so important and find links to recent case profiles that highlight particular challenges, insights, and personal breakthroughs.

Leading Through Uncertainty

Kenning partner JC Glick proposes that our ever-evolving business world requires a new kind of leadership – and a new way of developing people – in his book A Light in the Darkness: Leadership Development for the Unknown, available in print and Kindle versions on Amazon.

Kenning Videos

What is your KQ?

Kenning holds a core belief: people are sense makers. Mark Ledden draws out the crucial implication – making sense with others is the leadership skill you need when the problems you face are complex.
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Difficult conversations

Ever tried to share a point of view with someone who won’t stop talking? Here’s something radical: To get someone to hear, YOU need to listen! Cathy Boeckmann navigates a difficult conversation.
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Managers who coach others

Managers know they should help their people develop, but few do it systematically. Neil Stroul describes the barriers to coaching as a manager and explains how our RMG Coaching workshop can help.
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